Google Images: gay bondage

Day 8 of my 6 months sabbatical:

It has already been a week away from work and yet I still can’t turn it off. I had two work related dreams. Both, I was doing an entire shoot in my dream. It was so real with all the exhausting drama of productions. I won’t tell you because you won’t ever watch porn the same again, whether it be on a site like or any other, no matter how extreme. I woke up completely exhausted.

Wondering why I’m exhausted? Please Google Images gay bondage, 90% of the images are from my shoots! No f’n kidding. People post these images to their blogs, websites, social media, onto, etc. It blew me away when I first found this out. I’m really proud of this. It makes me wonder just how far these images and videos have gone. The internet is a wild place, and it seems you can find my antics everywhere, from to even further beyond. It’s weirdly humbling.

x Van

On the Bound Gods set. I sit on that stool in the foreground and look into the monitor while directing.

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  1. Its amazing that you did not realise how popular your shoots and site have become. I must admit I have challenged myself to not watch some of your shoots… but I always come back…

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