6 Months Sabbatical 3/1/2015 – 9/30/2015

Day 1 of my 6 months sabbatical:

Hello, I’ve been making content for www.kinkmen.com since April 2008. That’s 156 movies a year. There’s only 365 days in a year. That means I have to make a movie every other day. I loved it but it was exhausting. I was ready for a sabbatical 2 years ago. LOL. I championed on as long as I could. Now, I can no more. I think it’s fair. Lots of my content is around on sexm and other sites these days, anyway! Of course there’s a lot of fear lurking around me. Not from me mind you, but from the people around me. What are you going to do? How are you going to pay your bills? What if they don’t want you back? Do you know you are throwing a lot of money away?

Following the little voice inside me, I’ve gotten by splendidly. It’s been telling me to stop for a long time. Now that I’m not busy setting up for shoots and dealing with the corporate porn world (Yes, corporate porn world. It’s an actual corporation and the product is BDSM porn, similar to the sort of thing you’d see on somewhere like https://www.nu-bay.com/categories/146/boobs. There meetings, politics, managing employees, sales revenues, marketing, web traffic, competitions, etc.), I can take the time and listen to that voice inside me. It will tell me what to do. One thing that I’m certain, whatever it is, it will be artistic :) Even as artistic as some cartoon porn at www.cartoonporno.xxx.

The company is a great place to work and I’ve made great friends there. I need to take the time now just to breathe. Don’t want to grind away my life and wonder where it all went at the age of 70. There are a lot of other fantastic companies that make some truly captivating content, I’m thinking of https://www.tubev.sex/ of course. They really set new standards for the industry.

X Van

Folsom Street Fair 2014

3 thoughts on “6 Months Sabbatical 3/1/2015 – 9/30/2015”

  1. Hello Sir,

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an amazing job on the kinkmen sites. I’m a submissive myself who really gets into being tied up and used and have loved every minute of it. I’d love to share pics if you are interested. I’m 30, 6’1 180lbs and love being tied up. I also write bondage stories in my free time. Thanks again,


  2. Van,

    You have done amazing, beautiful things…

    Thank you for showing BDSM in the light it was meant for…

  3. Thank you Van for a commitment to an ideal that surely has taken its toll on you and those who labor on this work. Know that your work is appreciated and you deserve all the rest you need.

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