Happy New Year & I’m back to work!!!

Happy New Year, everyone. Yes, I’m back to work at Kink. I got email people are worried about me when I went on sabbatical last March. You have to understand. I make about 150 movies a year because we update a new movie per week per website. We give you a full movie each week not 10-15 minutes scene like other companies. I’ve been doing this since April 2008. It took me a couple of years to train Sebastian to do some of the work. What I do is so specialized. I’ve have to train someone from scratch because I couldn’t find anyone after all these years. My job is a combination of director, director of photography, model, manager, producer, publisher, marketing and casting. Yes, there maybe people who are good at a few things but I need someone can do everything mentioned above. And, that someone needs to show up day after day because productions wait for no one!

Once I felt Sebastian was ready, I had to get off the conveyor belt for a bit. Now, I feel refreshed… with some new ideas. I like to get into more gear and heavy bondage and less Shibari rope bondage. If you all know of a great place to buy bondage gear, please let me know. Or, send me your favorite bondage gear and I’ll use it in the videos :) Click on tubev if you want to find more about porn like this.

Thank you all for your email and comments! xo Van



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year & I’m back to work!!!”

  1. Hello again, Van. I for one fully understand your taking leave from the rigorous role you created and then filled at Kink. You deserved every moment of your own time, to be and to grow and to replenish your Ki/Chi.
    Your worth is legend. Those you trained did well in your absence.
    In recent weeks I have visited some of your earliest videos with Kink. How fortunate they are to have you, with your rare combination of attributes. I value your acute ability to track your partners and let them know they know they are in safe hands, even as you push boundaries. I am delighted (for selfish reasons) that you are back. I hope the new phase in your personal journey will be fulfilling and growthful for you. I look forward to continuing my journey with you. Cheers, Rhino, your fellow-traveller in the journey of life

  2. Hi Van,
    I am happy to read that and thank you for the information, even if you don’t need to explain yourself if you want to take some time off. (It just would have been nice to learn about that break in the Kink forum :) I always feel that good creative work needs this kind of break. Collecting new impressions around the world, letting the thoughts flow, just doing “nothing”. That’s a source of inspiration, and I am looking forward to the new ideas you will come up with. Sebastian is a good student and did a great job, and with both of you it will be even better. There is a lot of competition in the porn industry and with all that free porn tube channels on the internet. Qualitiy is the only way to ensure further success, and quality needs not only professionalism, but also time for details to stick out. Maybe thats a very female view :) Women are said to have a different taste in porn. Sometimes when I read the comments I feel that any effort in quality is wasted as long as the models have big dicks and a great body … Well, at least some of us appreciate the artwork ;)

  3. Wow this is great news. As Derek P. said your work is art so you totally needed to spend quality time away traveling around, getting new perspectives and twisted ideas for creative ways to grab other guys by the balls, slowly break them down until they start to bend to your indomitable will. I sure hope BG “comes” to its senses and brings Derek back in to the dungeon. Derek even went on a rant on one of the forums ( maybe because he wasn’t getting his masochistic needs fully satisfied ). I think you may be the only sadist who can really help Derek with his terrible attitude problem and get him back in line. Show him whose dick is boss man.

  4. Hey Van Darkholme,
    I’m here on behalf of a friend. He personally loves your work and was wondering if he could use your face as an emote on twitch.tv, a video-streaming website. His name is Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors. Please reply as soon as you can, thanks. If you have any questions about this, just hit me up on my email.

  5. Van Hello. I’m a Chinese watcher of your movies.I hope you can make more interesting movies to all of us!

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