Merry Xmas!!!

After 8 years of working for the world best fetish video company, I said goodbye to, sold my house in San Francisco and moved to the east coast. Before I left, I had to eat at the French Laundry in Napa Valley  for the very last time (so I can have my third French Laundry menu framed for the wall.) I landed in Greenville SC in the fall and the leaves were orange and red… so beautiful! Everything is so inexpensive compare to SF. $2 gas and all you can eat KFC buffet. I’m in heaven.  I discovered the Cracker Barrel restaurants.  Chicken fried chicken with biscuits and sawmill gravy. Pecan pie with homemade vanilla ice cream.

I bought a house on 15 acres lot of land in the middle of nowhere. Well water and satellite internet. My god, satellite internet is so damn slow and expensive.  My friends call my new home  The Compound because they think I’m prepping for the end of the world. Actually, once I’m done setting up house, I’m thinking about creating a “bondage camp” :) Kink wants me to produce some content for them. I might do that this summer on my property. It’s all forest land so no one can hear the screams.

I’m off to Greece in March and Vietnam in May.  Life is fantastic. Give me a few months to settle here, I’ll make more bondage videos.

Merry Xmas everyone! xoxo   Van



10 thoughts on “Merry Xmas!!!”

  1. South Carolina.. such a beautifully Conservative State.. it’s such a wonderful conundrum that you chose it! Best of wishes in your new home.. look forward to more content from you..

  2. Hi Van, good to hear from you.

    Wow… quite a life change! Sounds like you have a good plan worked out. I’m happy to hear you will be producing for Kink in the future (and maybe you’ll pop back occasionally to see friends and direct a movie or two?). I do hope Kinkmen keep the standards you set in your absence.

    Happy Holidays!
    Anthony x

  3. xox van, thanks for the memorializations of horninesses, from our photo shoot at warm water cove in 2005 to the flying cumshots at bound in public. my only regret was that i was not 15 years younger so i could have done some naked kombat.


  4. Dear Van, you can’t even imagine how many fans there are in China. All of them like you and respect you for your dedication in your field. Wish you visit China someday.

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