I love John Deere

Life on the Compound: I finally sold my Mini Cooper for a Ford truck yesterday. I held on to the mini as long as I could but I need a truck for my 15 acres. I also got a John Deere tractor so now I’m officially a farmer. I lived on a farm in Kentucky when I was 15 – Growing corn and baling hay. Now I got my very own John Deere. When the weather gettin’ nicer, I’ll do some nasty poses on my John Deere for ya’ll.

Just got back from Vegas, Grand Canyon and Sedona. Bellagio hotel is my favorite place to stay and I won $200 on Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I have never been to the Grand Canyon before. It was beautiful. And, Sedona is out of this world. Funny, I travel all over the world and my places near home are just as beautiful!!!

Oh, I’ve been getting a lot of email from young people in China, Korea, Singapore, Viet Nam and Japan. Thanks for your nice comments.