For the past few years, I’ve received tons of emails from China. Their millennials and generation z have discovered me. I have to say the Japanese fans were the first about a decade ago by making thousands of these incredible videos of my movies ( and YouTube).

I’m sorry but I couldn’t reply to all of the emails from China. I do read them all though. And, thank you for your invite to your country. I’m just too damn old to do the fan things. Someone sent me some links from It’s all in Chinese so I can’t make anything out. Below is one of the videos. It’s quite amazing!

Here’s a little something about me. My father’s grandfather was Chinese. My great grandfather crossed the North Vietnam border and started his family there. That’s why I’m 6′ tall and my father was 6’3″. In the north and on my father side, there were lawyers, jet fighter, and noblemen. In the south and on my mother side, there were rice farmers and laborers. That’s where I got the genetics for muscles :)

xoxo Van

PS: Thank you for all the birthday wishes in October. Glove1, no I don’t have a banjo, but I got a Taurus .380 Semi Automatic Handgun for my birthday. The damn thing is loud. Wishlist: Silencer :)

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4 thoughts on “CHINA!”

  1. Oh my god!I just received your email and I’m so excited!I’m your super fan and I hope you can come to China!!!!!!!!I love you so much!

  2. the video u leave there has more than 1 million watch.the most has more than 6million!
    IF u come to china,I promise there are numerious people coming to see u!
    Acutually,most of them(in china)are not gay,but they love u deeply and crazily,for they love your delication in your profession,which is the videos you made and the video you directed,what’s more,art you convey !233333

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