Van Karate

I made this video over a decade ago. It’s pretty funny. Feel free to make crazy edits from it. Just give me some credits though. Enjoy!

xo Van


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  1. Wonderful. I’ll re-post it to in China soon and I’m sure it will be edited for many new videos of great fun. Thank you Van for sharing it with us. You are really a nice person who does not care about being made into various videos. My friend says that’s why so popular in China.
    Best wishes for you !

  2. Hey!Its nice to write to you,Van.It might be very sudden but i still what to wirte down this.
    I m a fans of you and Billy Herrington.And I have already met him in WuHan China and take a photo with him.He is a very strong and good man.Im very proud of having a meeting with him.
    I talked with him in English to ask him about you and he said that you er strong too.
    So I realy like both of you.I hope that you can read this and give me a reply pleasssse!
    Most of my friends and bilibili users wished that you could visit china although you said you wont.
    Best wishes to you
    Your dear fans chenyuanℰ⋆‿⋆ℰ

  3. Hello Mr. Van, I am so glad that I can comment on your blog.
    The first time I knew you that is in Chinese video website, then I become one of your fans, you are really popular in China. I believe every video maker in is loving you. Actually, it is a big surprise that you admit these funny videos.
    You are so kind, we, your fans in China, really thank you, love you, and proud of you.

  4. I’ve always wanted to ask you, Van, what do you do to maintain such an amazing body(and i know this vidro is 10y+)? As a bi teen really into men I’vr alwqys fantasized about having such a great body. I’d really love to know.

  5. It’s crazy that I suddenly realized that I’ve seen your videos before I knew who you are on bilibili. I remember enjoying them so much and I was so excited to see gay movies being filmed at such a high quality. Thank you for presenting them as art. Everyone should have the choice to face their true desire.

    Plus I love you name! Van sounds exactly like a dungeon master.

  6. thank you ,I love you van ,but your old friend Billy passed away(my english is not very good),i am very sad to hear that。

  7. Thank you for posting this video. And you will see a lot of funny videos on Bilibili. Not only adults but also students like you and your videos very much. The edited videos called “Philosophy videos” in China. In the end I hope you can visit China in the future.

  8. Do you know Billy Herrionton has been dead for a while?
    I feel really sad and unbelievable.

  9. vanPlease go to the website in China called beeping. But the website Could you log in, please? There are many, many of them are your ghosts. Really yo, really there are a lot of female ghost animals. Website

  10. Dear Van,
    I have always wondered, in your interview, did you say that you were hired for people to profile their fantasies, or fulfill their fantasies?
    Love, Sid.

  11. van i’m a chinese ,i love you very like you my classmate love you too,you are tall and handsome you also friendly
    my inglish is bad
    i just a middle school student

  12. Hey van the man, been a fan of ur work since I could touch myself, what is the song in this epic piece

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