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Many people ask me to join Weibo so I did. I think Weibo is the Facebook for Chinese. I’m not sure because everything is in Chinese but I used translation through Google Chrome. Well, my name and a lot variation of it were taken so I managed to get the VanSamaOfficial as my username. Check it out if you are on Weibo:

I just found this old video and I’m not sure if I can post it on Weibo. Let me know if I can or you can post it there yourself. So please follow me on Weibo and let your friends and enemies know about me. xo Van

PS: Can you tell which one is me? :)


6 thoughts on “Van on”

  1. You can get a QQ account, Tencent QQ is a very famous and popular in China, please search ”QQ International” and download it, this version has many languages and is different than the ordinary QQ which is for the Chinese, but you can still use the QQ International to communicate to Chinese people who use the ordinary version. You can add my QQ number 2654036646 to have a gay (happy) chat to me with the deep dark fantasies and treat me as the boy next door.

  2. Maybe you need to get a QQ account, QQ is very famous and popular in China, you can search and download ”QQ International” (You can choose English language in it). Make an account and add my account number 2654036646. You will find fun from it. QQ is a chat app and it has a ”Qzone” which likes a small version of facebook or weibo, in which you can share photos to your friends of QQ. If you will add me, I will invite you to a 474 persons’ group in which you may get many new friends.

  3. Also create a Bilibili account plz!!!!!!!
    You are sooooooooo popular there!!!
    Cuz all your fans in China comes from!

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