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Sky Event Shanghai 2019 – Van Darkholme

Oh wow, the organizer at Sky is first class. The production at the event is top-notch! Giant wall poster of me and giant video LED screens. It was amazing. Jack the organizer met me at the airport and took me out to dinner. I have an interpreter with me every day. I felt like royalty.

Shanghai is a beautiful city with a mix of modern and past architecture. There is no garbage on the streets and all of the 2 wheel vehicles are electric. The food is amazing and I love dumplings and fresh noodles. I was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I’m still processing this adventure and will post more about it later. Hope you enjoy the video! xo Van


Van on

Many people ask me to join Weibo so I did. I think Weibo is the Facebook for Chinese. I’m not sure because everything is in Chinese but I used translation through Google Chrome. Well, my name and a lot variation of it were taken so I managed to get the VanSamaOfficial as my username. Check it out if you are on Weibo:

I just found this old video and I’m not sure if I can post it on Weibo. Let me know if I can or you can post it there yourself. So please follow me on Weibo and let your friends and enemies know about me. xo Van

PS: Can you tell which one is me? :)