I did this project over a decade ago. LOL. My friend Andy made this video and the other stud is my trapeze buddy Eric. It was winter time in Los Angeles and the water was icy cold. Yes, it does get cold in LA. Looking back, it was life imitating art. I was young and thought love equals ownership. I practically suffocated all my lovers/boyfriends. Thank god I am a bit wiser today. Like I said before and quoting George Bernard Shaw, youth is wasted on the young.

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Happy Pride!

Happy Gay Pride Everyone! Or just saying gay as we did in the past is no longer PC?  It’s the BLT community pride :) Yum, I love bacon!

It’s gay pride today in San Francisco. I haven’t been to the event since my days as the model for the Altoids Float. That’s almost 10 years ago. I danced around on the float for gay pride in San Francisco and Los Angeles for about 7 years. Today, I have a few friends over for a BBQ in my backyard.  x Van


van darkholme
van darkholme
van darkholme
van darkholme
van darkholme



Happy Chinese New Year!

2016 is the year of the monkey! I was born on the year of the dragon and I am also a scorpio.  Two potent signs.  LOL! Below is my red envelope to you and wishing you the best in 2016!  xo Van

Van Darkholme duct tape Zane Anders


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