Forest Acre Private Retreat Campaign

About 10 years ago, we were looking for locations for my site. We found a cool campground “Naughty Pines” in  Guerneville, California. I fell in love with the place and always wanted to have something like it.

So, I said to myself. If not now, when? My dream is to have a retreat where people from all over the world can visit me for a few days to a week. I am planning to build 5-6 tiny one-room cabins compound with a main building/kitchen. It has a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains (see video above). I also would like to have educational events on Shibari or BDSM training, but it’s mainly for people to escape the city.  It will be a huge endeavor. If I want something bad enough in my life, I will work extremely hard to make it happen.

The camping ground will have tiny one-room cabins, camping platforms for tent camping, and the main building with kitchen and bathrooms.  I’m raising funds in 1-1- 2020 and hoping to start building when I reach my goal. We are working on the site 2-1-2020, clearing bushes and cutting down some trees. I will update with photos soon.

Anyone from all over the world (USA, Europe, China, Asia, etc) can donate with their credit card.  One can donate as little as $3-$5.  A donation of $200 or more will get you 4 nights at my retreat. ANY amount will help.  Thank you for your support and love you all :)



Sky Event Shanghai 2019 – Van Darkholme

Oh wow, the organizer at Sky is first class. The production at the event is top-notch! Giant wall poster of me and giant video LED screens. It was amazing. Jack the organizer met me at the airport and took me out to dinner. I have an interpreter with me every day. I felt like royalty.

Shanghai is a beautiful city with a mix of modern and past architecture. There is no garbage on the streets and all of the 2 wheel vehicles are electric. The food is amazing and I love dumplings and fresh noodles. I was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I’m still processing this adventure and will post more about it later. Hope you enjoy the video! xo Van