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49 thoughts on “My Photos”

    1. I’m an Chinese too!!! I love you ♂sir!!in China,in bilibili,your video is very very popular!!I love you ♂sir!!the ♂deep dark♂ fantastics

  1. Hi Van, do you know that plenty of your videos have already been transformed into humorous videos in Asia, especially in China and Japan. And we call them “philosophy”. Many of my classmates like speaking one of your dialogues “Deep Dark Fantasy”. That’s really awesome!

  2. Some of your video are re-editted and posted on Chinese website , I personnally like them very much because some of the sound effects are really funny,they are the homophonic of some Chinese words.Many of us appreciate your hard work and kindness, wish you healthy and successful!

  3. i’m a chinese, the first time i watched your vedio, i just thought “this man looks like my father.” and after watched MEN ON EDGE, i found you are skillful and charming. you made me know that some other one likes the same thing as me,emmm,just thank you, sir.

  4. i’m sorry, in the last reply, i just wanna mean like the same thing as i do. and you konw, looks like my father just mean you are handsome, i didn’t mean to offend you.

  5. hello, dear van . i am a Chinese. i am your fan. I know you on billbill. There are lots of fans in China. We all want to meet you in China. Will you come China to meet us and show your personality to us just like the bii herrdgun.

  6. Hi , Van. I’m from China. Just now, I watched the movie The Adventures that you had acted. My roommates and I found it fantastic and you were really cool in the movie.

  7. I am a Chinese too,most Chinese people like you very much,although you think you are old,but we don’t think so,We’ll be happy if we can see you in China,I hope you can come to China often.Finally, I wish you all the best in your health.A sincere greeting from a Chinese fan.

  8. Hi Van, I’m Deen. Other than your beautiful turned on porns, I truly and passionately enjoy seeing you naked. You remind me of me. You seem so natural and confident in your own skin. Better naked than clothes.

    Yours nakedly

  9. I am Chinese too!I love you,van!You are very popular in China!There is a website called”bilibili”.And there are many videos about you on it.Maybe you are old,but we always think you still young.My English is not good.So maybe my grammar is wrong.But that’s all right.Em,i want to see you in China.And China is a wonderful country,China is beautiful.I don’t want to see you on the screen,I hope you can visit China hahahaha.At last ,I wish you can enjoy your life happily!
    Yours faithfully,
    Chinese fans.

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