I’m searching for Sadao Hasegawa Paintings

I’m searching for Sadao Hasegawa Paintings. I had a chance to buy them about 10 years ago from my friend Steve but I couldn’t afford it. Now I can’t find these paintings or Steve. If you have any info, please contact me. I put myself in these paintings. I hope you like. xoxoV


One thought on “I’m searching for Sadao Hasegawa Paintings”

  1. Show us some pictures of you tied up :) I remember seeing that picture of you tied up sitting on a pot with your hands tied behind your back and there was the caption ” I dream of Goh Mishima”. BTW http://www.fridae.asia/newsfeatures/department.php?department=4&page=24 Is that your body? The ninth article down. Pretty good job editing yourself inside those paintings I didnt notice till i looked hard enough. BTW You have the body of a beast. I have always been a fan of your work :)

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