Merry Xmas Everyone!!!

Yes, I said it:  “Merry Xmas!” I was going to write a piece on being overly PC but I feel it’s  fruitless. South Park’s PC Principle is hilarious. Omgosh there are so many of these douche bags here in San Francisco.

Let’s move on. Continuing from my previous post about people (Mainly from Japan) making crazy videos of me, I posted this video below so they have some more content.  This video is pretty old hence the long hair and ripped abs.  Pass it along!

I love this! Van Darkholme TDN Kosugi – Gachimuchi

I’ve been getting so many emails where people need to tell me that the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese have been making these videos of me on Youtube and

There were much more of my videos on Youtube but Youtube took it down because of the bondage thing, thinking that they were trying to get people to shop at laidtex or the like. Strange how Youtube works, but the artistry doesn’t end because they tried to censor it. Most moved over to It’s a Japanese site and really hard to figure out unless you speak Japanese.

They call me “Van Darkholme TDN Kosugi” or “Van Darkholme Gachimuchi”. Why do you put a baby head over my cock in all of these videos? Strange :)

The video below is one example. Thank you all!!! xo Van