VansamaOfficial Twitch

Van started his Twitch journey as a variety streamer in February 2020 out of a need to reconnect with fans and friends from all over the world. He streams as VansamaOfficial from his 15 acres of forest land with a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains – a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. His dream is not only to have people from all over the world visit  him, but also to share his extensive knowledge on Shibari and BDSM training in educational events.

Van is known for owning any room he enters and it is not surprising that his first stream immediately wrote LifestreamFails history. Twitch was quick to recognize Van’s potential and made him a Partner in August 2020.


Van’s streams include cooking, working out, insights into his everyday life, cosplay, gaming and chatting with his ever-growing community of devoted followers. He has  also streamed with popular streamers such as Devin Nash, Nymn, Knut and Austin. From IRL streams to appearances on The Austin Show or Trainwrecks TV Scuffed Podcast – there’s never a dull moment!

Van finds much joy in chatting with his viewers and creating a community on Twitch. His  followers enjoy his unique content as well as his weird sense of humor. Last but not least, his channel is a great and safe place for LGBTQ+ viewers to hang out.

Stream Schedule

Want to join Van on his Twitch adventure? He usually streams two times a week: Wednesday and Saturday, from 1pm EST to 4 pm EST. Stop by his Twitch channel and say hi! 

V for Van!

Van Darkholme aka VansamaOfficial during a Twitch stream, doing the V for Van sign.