Hello everyone, I launched a merch site. Please check it out!

VansamaOfficial twitch – My schedule

I have no idea of the popularity of Twitch. It’s incredible. I’m on there every Saturday @ 9PM EST and Wednesdays @2PM EST (unless noted otherwise). I will also be on once or twice a week @ random time (Mostly convenient for European viewers.) Viewers can see me live and chat. See you there. xo Van

Raising funds for my Private Retreat

PS: 2020 will be the most exciting year. As you can see from my site, I am working extremely hard raising funds for my private retreat. I am so passionate about it and it will be a dream come true. Everyone from all over the world can visit me… to enjoy my beautiful forest and relax and/or attend my BDSM seminars. I would love to spend time with you all before I’m too old to do this. Hahaha

Forest Acres Private Retreat Campaign

About 10 years ago, we were looking for locations for my site. We found a cool campground “Naughty Pines” in  Guerneville, California. I fell in love with the place and always wanted to have something like it.

My dream: A retreat for people to visit me

So, I said to myself. If not now, when? My dream is to have a retreat where people from all over the world can visit me for a few days to a week. I am planning to build 5-6 tiny one-room cabins compound with a main building/kitchen. It has a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains (see video above). I also would like to have educational events on Shibari or BDSM training, but it’s mainly for people to escape the city.  It will be a huge endeavor. If I want something bad enough in my life, I will work extremely hard to make it happen.

The camping ground will have tiny one-room cabins, camping platforms for tent camping, and the main building with kitchen and bathrooms.  I’m raising funds in 1-1- 2020 and hoping to start building when I reach my goal. We are working on the site 2-1-2020, clearing bushes and cutting down some trees. I will update with photos soon.

Forest Acres Private Retreat Campaign

Anyone from all over the world (USA, Europe, China, Asia, etc) can donate with their credit card.  One can donate as little as $3-$5.  A donation of $200 or more will get you 4 nights at my retreat. ANY amount will help.  Thank you for your support and love you all :)