Lands End, Peter Berlin and the Lost Art of Cock Sucking

2 month, 15 days of my 6 months sabbatical:

I’m getting ready to leave for Europe. London:5/22-5/24 ~ Istanbul:5/25-5/31 ~ Barcelona: 5/31-6/3 ~ Madrid:6/3-6/6 ~ Paris:6/6-6/12. I’m traveling on my own and I’m terrible with directions, so wish me luck:) PS: I would love tour guide in Europe!

You may wonder what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Well, I bought an electric bike and a bike trailer for my boys (2 Westies). I am also doing a lot of home repairs and going to Home Depot pretty much every day.

The lost art of cock sucking

As for fun, well.. I’ve been receiving some terrible blowjobs. 20 years ago as a young horny stud, I could always count on a middle age dude to give me mind-blowing head. Prove me wrong but this generation of middle aged dudes today can’t give decent head if their lives depend on it. How can I describe it… It’s robotic. The same movement over and over again. There’s no imagination, you’d think that horny males would happily want to receive some tips by viewing porn from somewhere similar to Full Tube or anywhere else on the internet.

There just seems to be no passion for the art of sucking cock anymore. They are all impatient and eager to reach to cumming part. They want that cum so badly that they forgot the joy of cock sucking. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.” It’s often more fun to see the passion for it in videos than receive it now!

The good old days

That reminds me of the good old days of cruising at Lands End near the Golden Gate Bridge. I used to spend an entire weekend there. Sadly, Lands End has fallen into the sea when I visited a few years ago. Yes, before the internet there’s cruising. This place had tons of trails, trees, and bushes. I would make sure the area was free of poison ivy, flattened down the vegetation 4ftX 6ft near a trail, tossed down a blanket and made it my little “condo” for the day. Then I rolled around naked in the sun and sheltered from the strong sea breezes.

I ran into Peter Berlin a lot there. I believe he was a few decades my senior. He ran around the trails covered in baby oil – in his mesh underwear/bikini with a cockring which created a constant semi hardon. By evolution and chance, we unintentionally developed a symbiotic relationship. Peter is German with blond hair and I’m the opposite of that. We would hang out about 15ft apart. If someone was into Peter, I would wait for things to heat up and then slowly moved in. And if someone into talk dark types like myself, Peter would pounce when the stud and I were both hard and lost in a hot steamy session.

A rule of thumb

Speaking of hot steamy sessions, I’ve been recognized a lot lately while having fun. I’m not going to tell you where but I think you have some ideas. Here’s an example from last week. I got a dude blowing me and two other dudes sucking on my nipples. While stroking a hard cock in each hand and nearly close to ecstasy, I heard someone shouted out loud, “YOU’RE VAN AREN’T YA? I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. I’M A HUGE FAN!!!….. (wait for it… wait for it)… WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!!” That killed my boner. There’s nothing like being pointed out in a group where everyone supposed to be anonymous.

Here’s a rule of thumb people. Please don’t speak to me when I have my cock out :)



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