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Van Darkholme is an established bondage video director, performance artist, erotic fine art photographer, pop culture personality, YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

Muscle Bound Productions

Since 2001, Darkholme has operated Muscle Bound Productions, releasing about a dozen films featuring muscular studs in bondage. Darkholme is a devoted practitioner of Shibari, an elaborate and artful form of rope bondage that originated in Japan.

Male Bondage: Art Deserves a Witness

He is also widely known as an erotic fine art photographer.His book “Male Bondage: Art deserves a witness” was first published in 2006. Due to its popularity, it is now in its third edition.

From 2008 – 2017, Van Darkholme was a director for leading fetish erotica studio, the largest BDSM video company in the world. He created for the gay market and developed the following websites:,,,, and Artfully produced in’s San Francisco Armory facilities, the sites feature many of Darkholme’s favorite fetishes, including muscle worship, bondage, SM, and hardcore sex.

Private Retreat

In 2017, Van Darkholme left and moved to the Carolinas where he owns a house on 15 acres of forest land which he is currently transforming into a private retreat. His vision is not only to have people from all over the world visit him and escape city life for a couple of days, but also to share his extensive knowledge on Shibari and BDSM training in educational events.

Twitch Streamer

Since February 2020, Van Darkholme has been streaming as Vansamaofficial on Twitch. His streams include cooking, working out, arts and crafts, insights into life on his farm, gaming and chatting with his ever growing community which currently includes around 160,000 followers.

Darkholme’s unique content, his weird sense of humor and quick wit have instantly made him a fan favorite. Even more important, his channel is a great and safe place for LGBTQ+ viewers to hang out. Twitch was quick to recognize his success by making him a Twitch partner in August 2020.

Return to

In September 2022, Van Darkholme returned to to help the company re-establish their reputation as the number one fetish erotica company in the world. Please check out my brand new website Bondage Compound!!!





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  1. hey van
    i was your fans since i was 14,(nowim20)but im not gay i will hard if i saw hot girls. i from china , I guess You received a lot message from china jp …but i have interest in your muscles ,your shape.I want to ask you How do you train your muscles? you cannot say your muscles is born to it.can you tell me your Bodybuilding plan?
    ♂ Thank you sir♂

  2. Like many people in China, I’m impressed waching your workings. When it comes to “philo♂sophy”(in China,especially on bilibili it means the workings by you and other artists like kazuya,Billy Herrington,etc.)everything becomes different, we have very interesting kibitzers,”translate” straight by sound to chinese…indeed that’s how I firstly met “philo♂sophy”, love to see more workings.
    Oh, and my height is around 180 too, but 15kg lighter, I’m on my training schedule now,hehe.

  3. Hello,Mr.Darkholme
    say something interesting :D.I am a Chinese girl,and used to afraid of penis.But one day,I saw your movie in coincidence,and suddenly,I am not afraid of it anymore……I don’t know why……I don’t known what to say……It’s too weird……But I have to say you are a great artist:)you know you have a lot of Chinese fans,don’t you?Maybe i am one of them……
    Best wishes.

  4. Hey van i am one of your fans and from china.i kwon you 5 years ago ,of course like many people on bilibili ?sometimes i repeat the words you used to say such as
    iam an♂artist hehe
    all from your workings,when i frist watch them,iam impressed with your shape but then i learn somethings called philosophy♂.everything had became different,so when i have the real philosophy lessons……hehe iguess you can
    image that
    At last, could you tell me how you can train your body shape. Thank you sir

  5. I feel you are handsome ,very cool .but why do you to become a master,the deep dark fantasy

  6. Hello,Mr. Van Darkholme
    I come from China !
    I’m very glad to comment you on the website .
    I heartily sympathize with you that you have done a lot of hard work for homosexuals.Thank you,sir!
    Be sure you are a performance artist and I like your strong body .
    In the near future I will go to San Francisco to meet you .
    That will be a amazing meeting in my life.
    The end.

  7. hi!van
    if you have wechat,i hope you can add me
    my wechat is yanhe520233
    you know?you have the most fans i China(yes,more than billy)
    because we dont need billy you konw?we dont like him anymore
    maybe you can come china and getting a show

  8. I was fortunate to be one of Kink’s models for the Bound in Public and Bound Gods series and very quickly grew to respect and admire Van’s vision and talent to create some of the most unique, stimulating, imaginative, and intense experiences in adult entertainment out there. His attention to detail in imagery and rope work is amazing and even while pushing the limits and boundaries of the models, safety was always a priority.

  9. Van, hello!
    I want you to come to China, really, to travel here, there are many of your fans, I am also a Chinese, I set up here in Gay team, please lead!

  10. Chinese fans want to see you! We miss you very much. I hope you can come to china!
    Boy next door

    Jyh-Perng Wang

  11. Hello,Mr. Van Darkholme
    I come from China !
    I’m very glad to comment you on the website .
    I heartily sympathize with you that you have done a lot of hard work for homosexuals.Thank you,sir!
    Be sure you are a performance artist and I like your strong body .
    In the near future I will go to San Francisco to meet you .
    That will be a amazing meeting in my life.
    The end.

  12. hi van i really like you rideo,and i’m your fans form China,there are many people also like you i hope that you can come to China
    best wishes

  13. Hello Van. I’m your fans from China I really like your videos especially your deep dark fantasy.I watched your performance inSan Francisco by accident. I Really appreciate your herald for LGBT group. And in my school JXUT high school, a great many people learn your sentences like deep dark fantasy or boy next door.What’s more, we hang your photo on our front door !
    Hope you travel to China!
    Dwight Tu/Weiting Tu

  14. Hey, Van!

    It’s a great place to leave some message for you.

    Could you please just encourage me to improve my English? I may be a PhD candidate in the US, 2019. Now, I am still troubled in my English. I think I just need some kinds of power to support me.

    And I hope you happy everyday.

    A fan from China.

  15. Dear Van
    I am a chinese from Bibili douga .I love you a lot . Because you are handsome and have strong body . I saw yor videos a lot . Although I am not gay , I still like watching this ! How interesting ! Why not you go to china to see the chinese like you as Billy Herrington ? We very hope you can take part in our activities .we are freindly to every people we see ! Do you plan to our country ?
    Best wish
    Your fans Zhong

  16. Hello,Van!I’m from China.I’m 15 years old boy.How are you?I want know how to build muscles like you.I love u.Can you tell me?Thank♂you♂sir.

  17. Hi, I am Malaysian-Chinese. Your kinky video give me a lot of fantasies and ideas for having fun with my gay friends. We welcome you to Malaysia to have fun with us.

    Dylan JB

  18. ello
    I am a Chinese fan. I saw you for the first time in BiliBili. It’s an interview with you. It tells you why you are in a particular profession and understands that your dreams can’t be realized.

  19. Hi im a Chinese. I really like your videos.In China, you are very very popular,beacuse you just like a movie star called:Dawei Tong.We call you philosopher,I wonder if you can reply me,but once you got the chance,please do it.

  20. I have seen a lot of chinese in your blog,and I an a chinese,too.I am not sure that my grammar is OK.I am a fan of you,too.I am sorry to hear that you are becoming older and older,but I still want to invite you to PRC.At least you should go back to your hometown[you have said that your father’s grandfather was a chinese].I’m not gay,and I will also be hot when I see the girls without clothes,but I am interest in your gay videos and Bili Helinton as well.

  21. I was so gay when I saw your direct blog.I am a fan of you,and I have seen your behavior at BiliBili.Although I am not the gay,I am so interested in your fantastic sex videos and enjoyable strong body.I have seen that you are too old to come to PRC,but I still want to invite you to China.At least,you should come back to your hometown and tour around your great grandfather’s house.I am no sure that my grammar is OK.I hope that I can hear from you,though it’s probably impossible.

  22. Van, hi
    I’m from Russia and to be honest many Russian citizens is addicted to you))
    I really appreciate your body shape and behavior
    maybe you have an instagram account. I will be very pleased if u will report to my email( with attached insta account) )))

    thank you, boy

    hi from Russia

  23. You are definitely not too old Van. Go to China and meet your fans there once this Conorovirus stuff is over. I bet they will be so happy to meet you in person. Seeing how hot you are still, up close and in person.

  24. Hi there man! This is Shawn and I can still recall the afternoon that my friends showed me your clip in the dungeon. It helps me a lot when I feel depressed and what’s more important is that you are such a humble person in real life. As a celebrity, you will reply to almost everyone’s comment and always be patient for our replies. Cheer up!

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