Kink 2013 Documentary – Netflix

1 month, 20 days of my 6 months sabbatical:

Gosh, time is moving so fast. I’ve been binge watching all these series on Netflix and Amazon Prime: Turn, Daredevil, The Paradise, Mr. Selfridge, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Upstairs Downstairs. I can go through an entire season in one day… so sad. However, I would definitely recommend it. TV nowadays is excellent! If you have one of the htc packages as well, you can get a free Amazon Firestick, so you can watch plenty of other shows as well. Both streaming platforms are great though and offer such a wide variety of shows! I saw Charlie Cox in Downton Abbey and The Theory of Everything. He is so sexy to me. And when I found out that he’s in Daredevil, I’m hooked!

Speaking of Netflix, the Kink 2013 Documentary is now streaming on Netflix. James Franco produced it and Christina Voros directed. I was in the documentary a lot and had a chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival 2013. (See photo below – James Franco is in the middle and I’m in the end) Sundance was amazing and I get to rub elbows with the stars. Check it out and please give me your feedback :)

x Van




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4 thoughts on “Kink 2013 Documentary – Netflix”

  1. We still have 4 months and 10 days to go. We miss you at BG.
    But I am happy that you are enjoying your sabbatical.


  2. OMG so that’s what you are doing! I was worried we had lost your forever at Bound Gods.

  3. I enjoyed the documentary a lot. I’m an Asian woman, probably bisexual, but I really enjoy watching the films you make (Bound Gods is a favorite). I like the electro shoots from too, and I didn’t know so many of these kinds of films I’d watched were all made from the same production company.

    This might sound weird, but I never really enjoyed watching straight porn, or “lesbian” porn because they were so obviously filmed for straight men. Some of the stuff I saw in such straight and “lesbian” porn was just unsanitary and unsafe for the women–I won’t go into detail–but it baffled me that it was so popular in porn. But I really enjoyed watching content from

    Then this documentary came out and it kind of explains why I like content more, even without knowing it’s from that production. It’s genuine, and it’s real. The models aren’t desperately faking their orgasms, and no matter how intense a kink is, it’s not unsanitary or unsafe. Most of it is easier for a woman to enjoy watching than anything else we can find.

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