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Hello! My name is Van Darkholme and thank you for visiting my blog. I am now working as a director and performer for in San Francisco. In 2008, I created Kinkmen for the company. Under the Kinkmen umbrella, I created,,, and

Update 3-1-2015: I’m taking six months sabbatical from work and writing about it on this blog.

Update 11-5-2017: I moved to the Carolinas and no longer working for I’m surrounded by forest on my 15 acres of land!

Here’s a little something about me: As of 7-05-2009, a portion of the profits from this website will go to At Kiva you can give out small loans ($25) to individuals in undeveloped countries. People get these loans to run small businesses etc. I’ve been doing this since Nov 2008, and people do pay me back. I just use the money to lend out to other people again and again. My goal is to lend out to 100 people this year. That’s why a portion of the profits from will go toward my Kiva goal. You can check out my progress on my lender page:

I know you all think it’s funny/bizarre doing some good with porn. I think you all can relate to “doing the best you can with what you got.” :)

I’m Vietnamese – 6ft tall and 185 lbs. Yes, I’m that tall. Everyone makes a big deal about it – me being tall and Vietnamese :) My father was 6ft 3″ tall, and my mother is 5ft 10″. English is my third language so please pardon my grammar. In Vietnamese, we don’t have singular or plural, tenses, or strange grammar rules.  I’m still struggling with all that.

My life consists of working on my bondage art, going to the gym, restaurants with friends, having small dinner parties, riding my Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, working in my garden, watching a lot of junk TV, the usual boring stuff.

Update 11-5-2017: I live in a forest now, so it’s working on my land and cutting down some trees for my bondage camp.

Most of the time my sex life is pretty vanilla. I’m more of a top (physically and mentally), but I can also make a hell of a bottom. First choice is being a top and dominate my buddy. Second choice is flip fuck with a buddy. Some of my best sex is flip fucking. Good old oral sex is also fun. I guess sex is like pizza when it’s bad it’s still good :)

If you haven’t noticed it already, I also have an interest in bondage. I view it as art and jo material more than anything else. It’s hard to describe my thing with bondage, but I will try. I’m continually figuring new ways to put people in bondage. Yes, that’s all I think of. I get this adrenaline rush when I’m in a session. My M.O. (Modus operandi) is that I love to record the bondage session with photos and/or videos. Then, I get off on it later. When I look at the photos or video clips of the session days later, it really turns me on, and I get a sense of satisfaction from it. I think everyone has his own idiosyncrasy and this is mine. I guess it could be worse.

Well, I don’t want to babble too much. It kinda reminds me of my Mount Fuji experience. I went to Japan and saw Mount Fuji while riding the bullet train. Mount Fuji was capped with snow, and I must say it was magnificent. So I thought it would be even better if I take a tour up the mountain. To my surprise, Mount Fuji was pretty ordinary up close. The ride up the mountain was very dull. There was trees everywhere, but I can see a scene like these pretty much anywhere in California. So, a little distance and a little mystery is good :)

I always love to hear from people from all walks of life… from different corners of the world. So, please send me an email to say hello, how did you stumble on my site, how can I make this site better, tell me something about yourself and include a pic of yourself… naughty or nice:)

Thanks for visiting.

x Van

PS: More Crap about me – Short Press Release:

Van Darkholme is an established bondage video director & star. Since 2001 Darkholme has operated Muscle Bound Productions, releasing about a dozen films featuring muscular studs in bondage. Darkholme is a devoted practitioner of Shibari, an elaborate and artful form of rope bondage that originated in Japan.

Darkholme is also widely known as an erotic fine art photographer. Bruno Gmünder published Darkholme’s book of bondage nudes, “Male Bondage”.  Due to its popularity, Male Bondage is now in its third edition.

In 2008, Darkholme signed with leading fetish erotica studio to create a site for the gay market. The site,, is produced in’s San Francisco Armory facilities and features many of Darkholme’s favorite fetishes, including muscle worship, bondage, SM, and hardcore sex.

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19 thoughts on “Van Darkholme Bio”

  1. hey van
    i was your fans since i was 14,(nowim20)but im not gay i will hard if i saw hot girls. i from china , I guess You received a lot message from china jp …but i have interest in your muscles ,your shape.I want to ask you How do you train your muscles? you cannot say your muscles is born to it.can you tell me your Bodybuilding plan?
    ♂ Thank you sir♂

  2. Like many people in China, I’m impressed waching your workings. When it comes to “philo♂sophy”(in China,especially on bilibili it means the workings by you and other artists like kazuya,Billy Herrington,etc.)everything becomes different, we have very interesting kibitzers,”translate” straight by sound to chinese…indeed that’s how I firstly met “philo♂sophy”, love to see more workings.
    Oh, and my height is around 180 too, but 15kg lighter, I’m on my training schedule now,hehe.

  3. Hello,Mr.Darkholme
    say something interesting :D.I am a Chinese girl,and used to afraid of penis.But one day,I saw your movie in coincidence,and suddenly,I am not afraid of it anymore……I don’t know why……I don’t known what to say……It’s too weird……But I have to say you are a great artist:)you know you have a lot of Chinese fans,don’t you?Maybe i am one of them……
    Best wishes.

  4. Hey van i am one of your fans and from china.i kwon you 5 years ago ,of course like many people on bilibili 😂sometimes i repeat the words you used to say such as
    iam an♂artist hehe
    all from your workings,when i frist watch them,iam impressed with your shape but then i learn somethings called philosophy♂.everything had became different,so when i have the real philosophy lessons……hehe iguess you can
    image that
    At last, could you tell me how you can train your body shape. Thank you sir

  5. Hello,Mr. Van Darkholme
    I come from China !
    I’m very glad to comment you on the website .
    I heartily sympathize with you that you have done a lot of hard work for homosexuals.Thank you,sir!
    Be sure you are a performance artist and I like your strong body .
    In the near future I will go to San Francisco to meet you .
    That will be a amazing meeting in my life.
    The end.

  6. hi!van
    if you have wechat,i hope you can add me
    my wechat is yanhe520233
    you know?you have the most fans i China(yes,more than billy)
    because we dont need billy you konw?we dont like him anymore
    maybe you can come china and getting a show

  7. I was fortunate to be one of Kink’s models for the Bound in Public and Bound Gods series and very quickly grew to respect and admire Van’s vision and talent to create some of the most unique, stimulating, imaginative, and intense experiences in adult entertainment out there. His attention to detail in imagery and rope work is amazing and even while pushing the limits and boundaries of the models, safety was always a priority.

  8. Van, hello!
    I want you to come to China, really, to travel here, there are many of your fans, I am also a Chinese, I set up here in Gay team, please lead!

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