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Ode to Goh Mishima and Yukio Mishima – Part Two!

When I posted my Mishima photo on Feb 28th, I got a ton of email asking for this photo set. It was done a long time ago and many of you still remembered it. Sadly, I don’t look like this anymore. That is why Yukio Mishima killed himself at the peak of his life so he could stay young forever. I have too many lovers to leave this earth – Colonel Sanders, Ben and Jerry, Trader Joes, Harry and David, Long John Silvers, Bob’s Big Boy, Carls Jr. and so many more.

I wrote this in my bio but I want to bring attention to it:¬†¬† At Kiva you can give out small loans ($25) to individuals in undeveloped countries. People get these loans to run small businesses etc. I’ve been doing this since Nov 2008 and people do pay me back. I just use the money to lend out to other people again and again. For $25, you can do a lot of good! You and pick which country and which individual you want to help. If you like my work, please do me a huge favor: Join and tell your friends about it. You can check out my lender page:

xoxo Van

American Idol

Okay, yes I’m an American Idol geek. This year I’m having mad crushes on Heejun Han and Phil Phillips. My estrogen is flowing and so are my tears. Below is a photo of me and William Hung (my brush with celebrity) on an airplane. Heejun Han is really sexy but his glasses and hair sometimes don’t do him justice. Hope you enjoy the two freankin hot videos of Heejun and Phil. xoxoV

Van Darkholme and William Hung

I got freakin gophers or moles

Years ago, I was occupied with getting a nice tan and working out. Now being a homeowner, I got so much crap to deal with. Gophers is one good example. They dig up my entire yard and garden. I am now like that crazy Bill Murray in Caddyshack. I am obsessed with killing the little fuckers. I tried the “PC” (politically correct) ¬†vibrating rods and castor oil granules… they suck. My last resort is the traps. Wish me luck. xoxoVan

PS: My white Westies are rolling around in the gopher dirt mounds and they are a complete mess. See their photo below.




I’m searching for Sadao Hasegawa Paintings

I’m searching for Sadao Hasegawa Paintings. I had a chance to buy them about 10 years ago from my friend Steve but I couldn’t afford it. Now I can’t find these paintings or Steve. If you have any info, please contact me. I put myself in these paintings. I hope you like. xoxoV