Happy Pride!

Happy Gay Pride Everyone! Or just saying gay as we did in the past is no longer PC?  It’s the BLT community pride :) Yum, I love bacon!

It’s gay pride today in San Francisco. I haven’t been to the event since my days as the model for the Altoids Float. That’s almost 10 years ago. I danced around on the float for gay pride in San Francisco and Los Angeles for about 7 years. Today, I have a few friends over for a BBQ in my backyard.  x Van


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Happy Chinese New Year!

2016 is the year of the monkey! I was born on the year of the dragon and I am also a scorpio.  Two potent signs.  LOL! Below is my red envelope to you and wishing you the best in 2016!  xo Van

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Happy New Year & I’m back to work!!!

Happy New Year, everyone. Yes, I’m back to work at Kink. I got email people are worried about me when I went on sabbatical last March.  You have to understand. I make about 150 movies a year because we update a new movie per week per website.  We give you a full movie each week not 10-15 minutes scene like other companies. I’ve been doing this since April 2008. It took me a couple of years to train Sebastian to do some of the work. What I do is so specialized. I’ve have to train someone from scratch because I couldn’t find anyone after all these years. My job is a combination of director, director of photography, model, manager, producer, publisher, marketing and casting. Yes, there maybe people who are good at a few things but I need someone can do everything mentioned above. And,  that someone needs to show up day after day because productions wait for no one!

Once I felt Sebastian was ready, I had to get off the conveyor belt for a bit. Now, I feel refreshed… with some new ideas. I like to get into more gear and heavy bondage and less Shibari rope bondage. If you all know of a great place to buy bondage gear, please let me know. Or, send me your favorite bondage gear and I’ll use it in the videos :)

Thank you all for your email and comments! xo Van


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