DDF undies!!!

Lots of people suggested this, so here it is!

My DDF (Deep Dark Fantasy) Power undies will be available soon in my merch store for XXXmas. Okay, I’m wearing the girl undies but you get the idea.

DDF undies

You can choose to have the logo either on the front or the back. It will probably be a bit lighter in the final design. Let me know what you think!

Wear this around the house to piss off your mom, or in your college dorm to arouse your schoolmates.


Work, life at home and my new OnlyFans!

Las Vegas: 5 shoots, sexy models, and lots of food!

The first two weeks back at Kink were eventful. Their compound in the desert is huge! I was lucky enough to work with a lot of hot masters and slaves and finished 5 shoots. My channel will go live on Kinkmen.com soon – please stay tuned!

For my first shoot, I worked together with world class dom Christian Wilde and sexy Jesse Stone. They made my work very easy. We took this picture after the shoot.

In Vegas, I ate a lot! There’s just too many buffets! One of my favs is Panda Express. Had honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken and chow mien.  It was so good – but I was still hungry afterwards, Wtf!

Found this in my fortune cookie. It’s so true, don’t you think? 😆

At home: Gross cravings, horror movies, reminiscing

I know it’s gross, but back at home, I suddenly got this craving for chicken livers. So I made fried chicken livers, onion and garlic in caramelized fish sauce. So yummy!

I also found the time for some movies.  Halloween season is here and I was in the mood for a horror movie. If you haven’t seen it already, check out Tucker & Dale vs. Evil on Amazon Prime. Hilarious! The best horror movie ever!

While I was preparing for work, I went  through some of my early work and came across this photo. He’s tied up but not helpless. Approach with extreme caution! The lips say kiss me but the eyes say fuck off!

Reminiscing about Trevor now. Where are you?

Dick galore: My new OnlyFans account

Last but not least, I wanna share some exciting news. Lots of people wanted me to set up an OnlyFans account for ages. Yesterday, I finally did it!

Before, I purchased a sub from a popular pornstar for opposition research. I have to admit that I got bored after a couple of videos. Samo samo cock sucking and fucking, and camera work is horrible. I have to make mine more interesting. Where’s my new pizza boy? 😋

Here’s the link to my new OnlyFans: 🍆💦 OnlyVans! 🍆💦 

It’s gonna be dick galore, so please subscribe! You will get both vintage Van and current Van, both vanilla and fetish. I have a shitload of content to post and am excited to have all my xxx stuff in one place!

Gotta run and prepare some more, as it’ll be back to Vegas next week! Wish me luck, see you guys soon!


KinkMen, here I cum!

Okay, here’s the big news, now that it’s official:  Van Darkholme returns to KinkMen!

As many of you know, I created KinkMen and the following sites for http://Kink.com;  Boundgods, MenonEdge, NakedKombat, 30MinutesofTorment, BoundinPublic.

In 2016 I took time off and bought a farm, but now I’m back baby! Cum with me to take part or be a witness to sex and art!

A couple of days ago, I created a twitter work account. Please follow me there if you’d like to get regular updates and see my latest bondage work:  https://twitter.com/vandarkholmexxx




Camp Deep Dark Forest 2022!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I know I did!

It has long been my dream to have a retreat where people from all over the world can visit me for a few days to a week, mainly to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. And this year, it has finally come true!

Over the last couple of days, I had some friends over from my Twitch community for the first ever Camp Deep Dark Forest: My moderator Cassy, video game partner Amber and fellow streamers Digglee and Dinklebean visited my DDF!

We had a blast! There was river tubing, some touristy exploration of Chimney Rock and Lake Lure, and way too much good food!

You’re all invited next year!