My Birthday in October @ Honolulu

I was totally spoiled for my birthday this year. I get to stay at the Westin Moana Surfrider Waikiki in Honolulu. I took some photos with my iphone for ya! The two places I love to eat:  Marukame Udon is where they make fresh udon noodles daily and it’s dirt cheap! There’s always a line but it moves very fast so just get your ass in line. The other place is Musubi Cafe Iyasume for Spam Musubi! I went there 3 times this visit. Even got a six pack for the airport. I also love the Sunday buffet at the Veranda at the Beach House at my hotel Moana Surfrider. After all that eating, I hiked the Diamond Head peak for the first time. XO Van


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My Bondage & Edging Workshop Sept 20th!!!

Just in time for the Folsom Street Fair party week, I am doing a Bondage and Edging Workshop at the Armory on Sept 20th.  I’m tying up Christian Wilde and edging him until he loses his mind. Find out how I ties up hot  men on all the Kink Men sites. Jessie Colter and I will demonstrate cock sucking and edging on Christian Wilde. There will be a cocktail mixer at the end with Christian, Jessie and me. I would love to see you there! Click here for more info and tickets:


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4 month, 30 days of my 6 months sabbatical:

I have this story in my head for about 2 decades now.  Hoping to finally put it into words during my sabbatical, I just didn’t “feel” it  all these months until now. The working title is The Miserable Masseur by Van Darkholme. I feel I’m at an age where I can understand it and able to articulate it. So, I am now consumed with this project… meaning, I live, eat and sleep it. Personal hygiene and the gym are all out of the window for the next month or so. I also listen to a lot of cello music for inspiration – Yo-yo Ma, 2Cellos etc.  and I also found Keaton Henson.  Enjoy!

Istanbul 2015

4 month, 26 days of my 6 months sabbatical:

After spending a month in Europe, I got home and I was in a funk for a month. I was sad that my time overseas went by so quickly. I kept busy by working on my house and linking all my light switches to the wifi via Amazon Echo.

I was extremely fortunate to make it to Istanbul in June 2015. Trying not to sound like I’m bragging,  but I did the upper class on Virgin Atlantic to London.  I took the business class on Turkish Air to Istanbul. I guess I’m overcompensating for my white trash upbringing.  Speaking of white trash upbringing, I thought Istanbul was going to be like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. Mud buildings. Dusty. Wooden Wheels. Boy, was I wrong. It’s a modern city with an excellent train system. I think the best upper class lounge in the world is in Istanbul. Unfreaking-believable. Two giant levels of food and more food. The city is simply magical. I was truly in another world. People are friendly and I felt safer there than in some neighborhoods in San Francisco. The men are simply gorgeous. I went to a couple of hamans (Turkish baths) and I wish I could go there everyday. Beautiful traditional domes. Marbles everywhere… Like you traveled back in time 500 years. I got scrubbed down by this hot Turkish stud. I thought my skin was going to fall off and my nipples were sore for a couple of days.  Oh, there were a lot of actions going on there.  They love foreigners if you know what I mean. I spent a week there and loved every minute of it.



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