For the past few years, I’ve received tons of emails from China. Their millennials and generation z have discovered me. I have to say the Japanese fans were the first about a decade ago by making thousands of these incredible videos of my movies ( and YouTube).

I’m sorry but I couldn’t reply to all of the emails from China. I do read them all though. And, thank you for your invite to your country. I’m just too damn old to do the fan things. Someone sent me some links from It’s all in Chinese so I can’t make anything out. Below is one of the videos. It’s quite amazing!

Here’s a little something about me. My father’s grandfather was Chinese. My great grandfather crossed the North Vietnam border and started his family there. That’s why I’m 6′ tall and my father was 6’3″. In the north and on my father side, there were lawyers, jet fighter, and noblemen. In the south and on my mother side, there were rice farmers and laborers. That’s where I got the genetics for muscles :)

xoxo Van

PS: Thank you for all the birthday wishes in October. Glove1, no I don’t have a banjo, but I got a Taurus .380 Semi Automatic Handgun for my birthday. The damn thing is loud. Wishlist: Silencer :)

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Build it and they will cum!

Sorry I’ve haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy clearing out my forest land. I can barely move my left arm from yanking on the chainsaw a thousand times. I sprained most of my fingers and kept on re-injuring them. Homesteading is brutal but I love it. I can spend days here and not see a single soul. Trees are everywhere. I like the winter much better than the summer here. The heat and humidity make it impossible to work outside. Don’t get me started on the bugs and mosquitoes.

There’s a small gay community here and we have a monthly BBQ bonfire.  It’s mostly middle age men (returning to their hometown to retire) and the youngins barely got out of high school. The 30’s and 40’s have moved to the big city to gay it up:) A few guys at the bonfire recognized me and was dumbfounded that I moved to their neck of the woods. “Hey! You look like that guy from KinkMen!” Sometimes I said no, I’m not that guy but they came back with, “Yes, you are. You have the same tattoo!”

See attached photos. I’m building a bondage camp. Van’s Bondage Camp – Home for Underused Boys. Stay tuned…

xoxo Van

Van’s Bondage Camp – Home of Underused Boys

I love John Deere

Life on the Compound: I finally sold my Mini Cooper for a Ford truck yesterday. I held on to the mini as long as I could but I need a truck for my 15 acres. I also got a John Deere tractor so now I’m officially a farmer. I lived on a farm in Kentucky when I was 15 – Growing corn and baling hay. Now I got my very own John Deere. When the weather gettin’ nicer, I’ll do some nasty poses on my John Deere for ya’ll.

Just got back from Vegas, Grand Canyon and Sedona. Bellagio hotel is my favorite place to stay and I won $200 on Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I have never been to the Grand Canyon before. It was beautiful. And, Sedona is out of this world. Funny, I travel all over the world and my places near home are just as beautiful!!!

Oh, I’ve been getting a lot of email from young people in China, Korea, Singapore, Viet Nam and Japan. Thanks for your nice comments.


George Michael, Adele, Lost Friends & Maui

I just saw Adele on the Grammys singing Fastlove as a tribute to George Michael. It hit me to my core because the song is so perfect for him. The moment was art on top of art. I played his album “Older” all the time and Fastlove is one of my favorite songs. I can relate to the lyrics and I think so a lot of gay men.

“Looking for some affirmation
Made my way into the sun
My friends got their ladies
And they’re all having babies
But I just wanna have some fun…”

Flash to: Maui –  summer of 2002, I was in the back seat of a Vanagon next to my best friend Duncan.  My boyfriend Jason was driving and my other best friend James was in the passenger seat. George Michael’s “Older” cd was playing as the hot Maui winds beat on our sunburnt faces. The old Vanagon flew through the Hawaiian desert while the Kiawe trees danced in the sun. The most important people in the whole wide world to me were all in this van, singing Fastlove. I touched Duncan’s face and he smiled at me with is perfectly white Australian teeth, giving me the “I’m cute” face. Jason gave me a wink through the rear view mirror and I could see the back of James head bopping to the music. He had his right  foot and right arm out the window. I took a moment and told myself to never forget this space in time.  I thanked the universe for such fortune and such love.

Sadly, Duncan passed away in 2005 and James was gone last week. I never had a chance to say thank you and goodbye.  If only we could have a few more minutes…

I had meaningful love and I had fast love. I’m fortunate enough to travel the world and get to do what I love for a living.  From flying first class to Europe and staying at the best hotels to  hitchhiking and eating Spam in the forest, I’m a lucky sob. Yours truly has just enough fame to be left alone at the Cracker Barrel, and to be recognized with his dick out at a sex club. If I kick the bucket today, I had a full and wonderful life already and my time here at the Compound (my new home in the Carolinas) is just a bonus. Just icing on the cake…

I was photographed by Clifford Baker!


George Michael by my very good friend Dave Woodman. He’s the best. Check out his store on Etsy.