Istanbul 2015

4 month, 26 days of my 6 months sabbatical:

After spending a month in Europe, I got home and I was in a funk for a month. I was sad that my time overseas went by so quickly,  so I kept busy by working on my house and linking all my light switches to the wifi via Amazon Echo.

I was extremely fortunate to make it to Istanbul in June 2015. Trying not to sound like I’m bragging,  but I did the upper class on Virgin Atlantic to London.  I took the business class on Turkish Air to Istanbul. I guess I’m overcompensating for my white trash upbringing.

Speaking of white trash upbringing, I thought Istanbul was going to be like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. Mud buildings. Dusty. Wooden Wheels. Boy, was I wrong. It’s a modern city with an excellent train system. I think the best upper class lounge in the world is in Istanbul. Unfreaking-believable. Two giant levels of food and more food.

The city is simply magical. I was truly in another world. People are friendly and I felt safer there than in some neighborhoods in San Francisco. The men are simply gorgeous. I went to a couple of hamans (Turkish baths) and I wish I could go there everyday.

Beautiful traditional domes. Marbles everywhere… Like you traveled back in time 500 years. I got scrubbed down by this hot Turkish stud. I thought my skin was going to fall off and my nipples were sore for a couple of days.  Oh, there were a lot of actions going on there.  They love foreigners if you know what I mean. I spent a week there and loved every minute of it.



3 thoughts on “Istanbul 2015”

  1. I had heard that Turkish men were the most liberal in the Muslim world, but I’m surprised that there would be much action in the hamam itself. Cruising, yes, but the actual sucking and tucking would take place in private, later.

  2. The food look delicious and yes i have to agree turkish guy are hot…..waiting so long for the update pic,thought u been kidnap by those gorgeous boys there…lol….

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