Van Darkholme - BoundGods video "Tober Gang Bang - Part One"

Merry Xmas Everyone!!!

Yes, I said it:  “Merry Xmas!” I was going to write a piece on being overly PC but I feel it’s  fruitless. South Park’s PC Principle is hilarious. Omgosh there are so many of these douche bags here in San Francisco.

Let’s move on. Continuing from my previous post about people (Mainly from Japan) making crazy videos of me, I posted this video below so they have some more content.  This video is pretty old hence the long hair and ripped abs.  Pass it along!

8 thoughts on “Merry Xmas Everyone!!!”

  1. Merry Christmas Van. I have your Van-nilla DVD in my collection. Wishing you all the best in the New Year. Hugs. Toni from Chicago

  2. I have been a devotee of yours, Van, from way back when you appeared as Van Bandwidth and Van Hotman. You are in a class of Masters way above the traditional, linear bondage and discipline, where the slave is forced to obey. I feel any Master can achieve that. Your greatness lies in your knowing how to create a Bonding with the Disciple, where the slave WANTS to follow you wherever You will take him. Your tracking ability allows the scenario to go to great heights, limited only by the imagination of both. I live in Sydney, am older than any who appear on the scene, but acknowledge you for what you are…your integrity, knowledge and intimate understanding of the world of BDSM, at the interface of reality and fantasy. I have great respect and admiration for you and your work. I greet you. Rhino, your fellow-traveller in the journey of life

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