Got my dick out for Bound Gods Live Show :)

It was a couple of months ago but I thought I’d share :) The Bound Gods Live Show was so much fun with Trenton Ducati, Adam Ramzi and Zane Anders.

PS: I’m secretly in lust with Zane Anders. x Van




9 thoughts on “Got my dick out for Bound Gods Live Show :)”

  1. I just love how you participate in everything that’s going, Van. You are a wonderful play partner, and as I have said on many occasions, you track your subs so accurately. They willingly follow you to those dark places, knowing you will never abandon them, and will always bring them safely back. You add a dimension to the conventional BDSM so that it means Bonding with the Disciple. Kinkmen is fortunate to have you

  2. i m from china .van !a lot of my friend.including myself are big fans of u.wish you stay your own way!

  3. I’m a female 22 years old and I wanted to say you are so damn sexy Van, wish you’d come to Australia. I’d look after you

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