13 thoughts on “The Forbidden Tango!”

  1. WOW!! Very beutiful. ?
    You are so hot together. I love your duo :3.
    I am shipping you, you’re my favorite OTP?❤
    I am from Russia :3 so, sorry for mistakes.

  2. HI,Van.
    Im from China.
    I want to upload this clip to bilibili.com, a website just like niconico.tv.
    If you accept, please reply me at once.

  3. Hey,my handsome Van♥
    A seventeen girl from China,one day just looked over some videos from bilibili,and meeted you! what a strange feel you gave me when I heard“my name is Van,I am an artist…… …..the deep dark fantasies”,I don’t know why,I felt a little lonely from that.
    from than on,I tried to find the videos about you,umm,just the funny videos,not that “videos,haha,(Umm,I am under eighteen…..+ω+…haha) After watching lots of those videos,I found I really had fallen love with you deeply
    ….TωT how fantastic you are♥♥♥
    Oh I must say that Van you are so handsome especially when you were young(well now you are much more handsome too,Haha)^ω^Remember that Video you had your hairs cut ?Wow it’s so cool!!!♥o♥
    I permit that Van you are the most charming man I have never seen before!!♥
    What make me most excited is that today I could write down my ‘passion’ for you on your blog!!And maybe you will read it!♥What a sweet suprise for me!v(^o^)v
    Dear sweet Van,I am always behind of you!And the forever hot fan of you!
    (Umm…My English is not very well…(・_・;)

    Last,I sincerely hope my Van, everything go well ,and…your”deep dark fantasy”works better and better=^_^=

    Your hot Fan Duyilin♥

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