Build it and they will cum!

Sorry I’ve haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy clearing out my forest land. I can barely move my left arm from yanking on the chainsaw a thousand times. I sprained most of my fingers and kept on re-injuring them. Homesteading is brutal but I love it. I can spend days here and not see a single soul. Trees are everywhere. I like the winter much better than the summer here. The heat and humidity make it impossible to work outside. Don’t get me started on the bugs and mosquitoes.

There’s a small gay community here and we have a monthly BBQ bonfire.  It’s mostly middle age men (returning to their hometown to retire) and the youngins barely got out of high school. The 30’s and 40’s have moved to the big city to gay it up:)

A few guys at the bonfire recognized me and was dumbfounded that I moved to their neck of the woods. “Hey! You look like that guy from KinkMen! Sometimes I said no, I’m not that guy but they came back with, “Yes, you are. You have the same tattoo!”

See attached photos. I’m building a bondage camp. Van’s Bondage Camp – Home for Underused Boys. Stay tuned…

xoxo Van

Cleared out forest land.

Van Darkholme building a bondage camp on his farm.
Van’s Bondage Camp – Home of Underused Boys

9 thoughts on “Build it and they will cum!”

  1. Good to hear from you Van and see that you haven’t started playing a banjo! :)

    Really miss seeing you on the Kink live shoots. Really miss the live shoots period!

  2. To Van样
    Happy Birthday !( 。・_・。)
    I come from Bilibili(a Chinese bullet screen video website ,same type as NicoNico)There are many youth are you fans (include me)and them also made lots of re-create fan made video,even grows an academic♂circle(we called philoso♂phy)Thank you for your artisic works and Best♂wishes!

  3. I wish you’d use your new area to make more Buttmachine Boys type videos. I really enjoyed the ones where you controlled the machines rather than the models and I particularly enjoyed the ones where the models were restrained (Dominic Pacifico’s second video was INCREDIBLE). I could be mistaken, but the dildos seemed to get progressively bigger as the video progressed too.

    Maybe Dominic could come out and help you break in your new area!

  4. i finally found the website which you’re writing blogs. I am a fan from China and you can not even imagine how popular you are now in bilibili. as you are still strong, come to China. we can’t wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!

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