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Van Darkholme in Shanghai 10-26-2019

Hello everyone! I will be attending the Sky Event in Shanghai on October 26th & 27th.  Please check out my video below and tell your friends. I am excited to meet you all in Shanghai! 

I made an announcement video for the Sky Event Shanghai which you can see on my facebook page. Hope you enjoy!  xo Van

PS: My birthday will be on 10-24th so let celebrate in!

15 thoughts on “Van Darkholme in Shanghai 10-26-2019”

  1. Excellent, it’s will be a nice trip I promise to you. You have a bunch of zealous in China for many reasons, mostly because of the video adopted form your porn. Besides attending the Sky Event, maybe you should taste Chinese food and view the fantastic Night View of Huangpu River .

  2. Hello Van,I am your fan from China and I am glad to hear that you are preparing to take part in the SKY event in Shanghai, China. In fact, you need to know that a lot of your fans in China would like to dress up as the boys in your earlier films. They will take dark masks, putting on special chain armor as well. This is the way they like to welcome you. Besides the news show that another artist called Richard Milos from Brazil would come. He is very popular in China ,too.I don’t know if you have heard of him or not.in China we call him ” The Banana Guy”.I hope you can make friends with him and your fans. Enjoy fun in the event!

  3. Hi Van

    This a boy♂next♂door comment.

    I have seen many secondary creation videos based on and modified from your works in bilibili, a Chinese teenagers popular video community, we call this kind of videos ‘philosophy’, I can hardly explain to you why, but they really relax me much, every time I watch these videos my stress would be wiped out.

    Glad to see you are having a happy and new life, we both are experiencing more, and time has changed many things, but what we have faced makes what we are today, the happiness from your works will always in my memories.

    See you are coming to China, I also miss the time when my classmates were still there watching philosophy videos together and laughing out heavily, years later I am doing Master degree in Sydney and my friends all start a new life.

    Shanghai is an amazing city, I hope you can have a good time exploring there, and what a pity I can’t attend in October. By the time there will be many videos about the event and I will watch them definitely, if you mention me there, I will know it. XD

    Best wishes
    A boy with deep dark fantasy

  4. I hope you have fun meeting the gachi community in Shanghai! I wish I could be there, but I guess I just have to hope you visit Canada sometime. On another note, the view from your house is amazing.

  5. Welome to China,sir!Iam a fan of you in China.Although I can’t participate in this comic show to see you in reality because of my studies,I will offer you my sincere wishes.
    By the way,some of my friends said that they wanna visit your dark♂basement!lol(I’am sorry for my bad English)

  6. Of course it’s a exciting message that you decide to come to China . There are many boy fans here include me in fact . But it’s too bad that I don’t have
    time to go to Shanghai to participate in this comic show to see you in reality because of my works . Most of us want to take a picture signed with you as a souvenir and that’s will be cool,for I have enjoyed in your videos for years.
    I‘m sure that’s will be a very pleasant travel and hope you enjoy yourself .

  7. welcome to China!! it so excited to hear that you are going to visit china,but unfortunately i will be abroad at eroupe for business , which makes me impossible to join the sky event(what a tragedy !(>﹏<)). in China we like you performance so much, especially your vocal in the those dark♂ video,but we also appreciate your role blackie in the movie Great Adventurers, blackie is such a villain that makes us so impressive. once again, welcome to China and hope you enjoy the Shanghai city! deep ♂ dark♂fantasy!

  8. Welcome to Shanghai! In China, our “philosophical Big Three” is you and Banana Jun (a free dancer wearing American underwear) and Billy Hellington, but I am your most loyal fan! I know that everyone likes to support him (you) himself. No matter where they are, they will meet each other again. I know that you used to worry about the actor career ago, no matter how you are now a good actor! Deep into the hearts of the people! I hope that this time your performance must make us open♂our♂eyes, I also hope that you will come to China with a normal heart!thank you!Oh, right! I wish you a happy birthday in advance!

  9. Oh m’god, it’s unbelievable! I’m now in Wuhan and will be Shanghai next year. What a petty to miss u, I hope there could be some other chance to meet u one day, for your productions have inspired me much.

  10. Hi Van!

    I’m your huge fan In China!

    Warmly Welcome to you!

    Want to see you in Beijing also!

  11. van i hope you can a happy time in China here have so many friendly people and delicious food although my English is bad but i want to tell you:you video is so good i love you i am you fans i believe you life will be better come on.

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