Hello everyone, I launched a merch site. Please check it out!

VansamaOfficial twitch – My schedule

I have no idea of the popularity of Twitch. It’s incredible. I’m on there every Saturday @ 9PM EST and Wednesdays @2PM EST (unless noted otherwise). I will also be on once or twice a week @ random time (Mostly convenient for European viewers.) Viewers can see me live and chat. See you there. xo Van

Raising funds for my Private Retreat

PS: 2020 will be the most exciting year. As you can see from my site, I am working extremely hard raising funds for my private retreat. I am so passionate about it and it will be a dream come true. Everyone from all over the world can visit me… to enjoy my beautiful forest and relax and/or attend my BDSM seminars. I would love to spend time with you all before I’m too old to do this. Hahaha

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