Straight For Pay

Day 28 of my 6 months sabbatical: This Mid-May I will be going to Europe for a month. I get to lie horizontal on Virgin Atlantic to London. Hanging around SoHo London for a couple of days, then jump on Turkish Air to Istanbul for a week. I can’t wait to immerse myself into the hot steamy Turkish bath. Then, back on Turkish Air to Barcelona and Madrid. I’ve never been to Spain so that will be exciting. After having my fill with sexy hairy spanish studs, I will jump on the train to Paris. Yes, Paris… my favorite city in the world. I’m staying there for a week in Le Marais district. I’m sure by then my butthole is begging to come home. I will jump on the Eurostar train… going through the chunnel and back to London. I will be in London for just a day then lie horizontal on the Virgin Atlantic back to San Francisco.The trip is costly so I decided to take on some rigging jobs at Kink’s Sex and Submission website.

Straight for Pay

I tied up women for their shoots and it was different and a lot of fun. Tying up women is much different than tying up men, many people might not realize that from scenes you can see online, but it’s clear the first time you do it. Their bodies are smaller, especially in the shoulders, and they are more squishy, where the men surfaces are harder. So it’s easier to tie up men because tying up women is like tying up a pillow. Hopefully I don’t get hate mail:) BUT!!! I think the woman’s body is more esthetically pleasing than the man’s body and I do appreciate their beauty. I can definitely see why so many people love the videos involving women more than they love the male videos.

x Van

van-darkholme-sas1 van-darkholme-sas2 van-darkholme-sas3 van-darkholme-sas4 Tying up a female model for's Sex and Submission website

2 thoughts on “Straight For Pay”

  1. //im sure by the my butthole is begging to come home//

    Uh oh…. r u going to be sub??? :D

    Would love to see the travel pic….so pleaseeeee take alot of pic

    i like man bondage better, as u say… they not squishy and….. they dont make tooooo much noice…..female bondage realy not my thing….. male bondage is defenedly more SEXY

  2. Hi Van,
    Well now I understand why there is no live show on Bound Gods, and why I am hearing Sebastians voice in the update (beautiful deep voice). What a pitty not seeing you and chatting with you. I hope you have a beautiful trip to Europe and keep us updated with your adventures.

    Hugs from your big fan,


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