Naked Yoga for Men

IDay 17 of my 6 months sabbatical:

After about 2 weeks of Bikram Hot Yoga, I’m getting used to the heat. I’ve been doing 3 sessions per week and I lost a couple of pounds. Feeling good about myself, I decided to tryout Naked Yoga for Men ( The instructor’s name is Ken and he’s really cute. Right away someone recognized me so I was feeling a bit exposed. It’s hard to believe but I’m a bit shy. I’m thinking this naked yoga thing is good for getting over my shyness.  My BFF Duncan said it best… “Van, ya borderline shy/wild.” It’s true. I’m mostly shy in real life and wild when I’m “on stage”.

Naked yoga experiences

Okay, back to yoga. The space was really nice and clean. 16 guys showed up and they were all different shapes, ages and colors. One guy stood out. He’s in his 20s with dark hair. He got this San Fran hip haircut that’s really short on the sides. He was in the very front row and I was in back of the class. Everyone took their clothes off nonchalantly while carrying on conversations. Most of them knew each other. We began our stretching and breathing. I had to glance at my 20 something year old stud during the bend over positions and I enjoyed seeing his low dangling balls tremendously. He’s the type that doesn’t know he’s hot and I liked that. The stud has this lean body, slim waist, thick thighs, firm protruding ass and a nice bushy cock. PerF’nFection!!!

It’s a beautiful thing!

I was too busy discreetly looking at him and forgot about my shyness. I learned that as I moved around a lot, my dick shrunk into nothingness. Oh well… and I was comforted by the fact that the same thing happened to half the class… not that I was spending my time looking at everyone’s dick… just one particular dick, mind you.  The funny thing is that after about 10-15 minutes or so, I’m pretty much got my fill of the 20 something stud and was able to focus on the yoga. The nakedness around me had morphed into something else.  The newness of seeing and appreciating naked beings as they are. It’s a beautiful thing.

The entire session is nice but I feel I get more of a workout with Bikram Hot Yoga. Also, I have to get used to the om chanting without giggling. I decided to do 2 Bikram, 1 naked yoga and 1 light weight workout per week. Stay tuned…

x Van



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  1. Lol leave it up to Van to find a naked yoga studio..!

    Cum to think of it thats a great idea.

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