25 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

    1. Hey Mr. Darkholme, what are your thoughts on the gachimuchi community? Have you ever considered reaching out? I apologize if this is a FAQ.

  1. I am a fan from China. I have many friends who like your works. I hope you are healthy.

  2. I feel really stressed today, reading your blog makes me much better. I should strive for my future, good night.

  3. hey,Van,you have more Chinese fans.can you talk about 30 years ago,1989.6.4Tiananmen square,the CCP kill more student.Beijing 1989Massacre

  4. Good morning Mr Darkholme,I am a fan from China.Do you know how your works popular in my country?A large number of fujoshi are crazy about your works and the internet novels adapted from your works,like the dungeon master ,boy next door and so on.For me,you are the best master in my mind, I love your works so much and I have read some novels.Best wishes.Have a good day!Thank you sir!

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